What is OSV Count?
We're a crowd sourced web app that tracks the vehicle count on Assateague Island's Over Sand Vehicle Zone. We do a lot more, but thats our primary purpose.

How many vehicles can be in the OSV area?
145 is the limit. After that, its one-off, one-on.

Is this real time? How does it work?
It is not real time although it can seem that way on busy days. Our information is crowd sourced from our members. Anyone can join the site and make a report. During weekends and holiday, the updates come in more frequently. The time of the report is visible under the count and you can see the history of the last ten reports by clicking on the large count number on the front page.

Why does it show that vehicles are in line if the count is under 145?
Most vehicles deflate their tires before entering the OSV area. This can take time and creates a lineup of vehicles. As long as the count is under 145, you can drive on immediately.

How does the fly situation work?
The fly situation is based on a scale of 1-5. 5 means you're being eaten alive with no relief. Just remember that people's tolerance for flies vary. Flies are at their worst during west winds or low wind speed conditions. Be sure to check the current wind direction and speed to confirm the fly report.

Why should we wait to get on the beach before reporting flies?
The gate area is protected from winds by the dunes. A lot of times there may be high fly activity at the entrance, but no flies once you are on the beach.

Is Assateague Island National Seashore involved in the creation of OSVcount.com?
No. They have no affiliation with us. Please do not call them for support for any issues related to this app. They have enough on their plate already.

How do i report a bug or make a suggestion?
Send us a message through our facebook page or through instagram. The links are at the bottom of this page.

Why do some members have a next to their name?
We like to add a little flair next to your name as thanks for supporting the app through purchases at our online shop or when you participate in one of our volunteer projects.

What does this icon mean?
We use location sharing to verify that a report is made within the OSV area. If a member decides to not share this information during their report, this symbol will not be present.

Thanks for being a part of OSVcount.com!