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The official OSV opening announcement was on 8/7/19 at 10:53 AM

Thanks to everyone who played. We hope it added a little bit of entertainment while we waited for that state line opening. Here are the winners along with their times. Congratulations!

  • @Beachnan : 7 minutes over
    August 7th @ 11:00 AM
  • @Adele : 8 minutes under
    August 7th @ 10:45 AM
  • @Dieselpwr : 40 minutes under
    August 7th @ 10:13 AM


  1. The contest ends as soon as there is an announcement on the National Park Service's official Facebook group, "Assateague MD OSV Closures". Any entries received after the announcement are invalid. We will use the time of the announcement to determine the winners.
  2. Have fun! If you don't win, the plovers will be back next year. :)